About the Project:
Client: City of Carrollton
Year: 2019-2020


This project required extensive preproduction in order to align with city branding, schedule a multi-part shoot, and to make later additions due to the COVID pandemic. All together this production took 15 months to complete.

The message was scripted entirely by Gracepoint, taking inspiration from videos that the city liked the tone of. We storyboarded every shot in preproduction to align with the script. Then, with the help of our city point of contact we coordinated a multi-day, multi-location shoot in order to capture various departments within a strict timeline.

Soon after completion, the COVID pandemic forced the city to table the project. Months later we revisited the project to make revisions, script changes, and reshoots. The city used the final video as part of a larger strategy to recruit new employees. At the time of this writing is the most viewed video on the city’s Facebook page.

This is the second recruitment video created for the City of Carrollton.  The first was created for the City Public Works Apprentice Program.  The response was so great that the client wanted to continue with a broader recruitment effort.  View the apprentice recruitment video here.