About the Project:
Client: ELine Orthodontics
Year: 2017
Production: Gracepoint Media

Concept/ DIR: S. Conor Lee
DOP: S. Conor Lee / Gracepoint Media

Have you been told that you need surgery to correct an open bite, an under bite, or an asymmetric bite? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are likely to be a great candidate for MEAW (Multiloop Edgewise Archwire) Non-Surgical Orthodontic Treatment. This technique is also indicated for younger patients not old enough for jaw surgery who wish to correct their bite and restore normal growth pattern.

The MEAW (Multiloop Edgewise Archwire) technique was introduced over 40 years ago by Dr. Young H. Kim, an Orthodontic Professor at Boston University School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Kim came up with the technique of using a multi-loop wire to close open bites.