About the Project:
Client: Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Year: 2018
Production: Gracepoint Media

Concept/ DIR: Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Mark Rummel – Marketing manager, S. Conor Lee
DP: S. Conor Lee / Gracepoint Media

The community is coming together for North Texas Giving Day on September 20 to help get the Campbell Family into their mold-free, healthy, affordable Habitat home. This quality home will be a foundation for a better life, and you can help make it a reality for this wonderful family!

Khadijah is a single mom working and going to school full time. She is only 20 hours away from her bachelor’s in business administration and management. With her new degree, her plan is to advance her career at the local bank where she currently works.

“I know my boys are watching me. I want them to see their mom succeed, so they know they can, too!”

See the boys’ surprise in the video below when they find out their mom has been approved to purchase a Habitat home.